Giambascio, 1,000 feet (300 m) above s.l.


Alto Belice Corleonese is a territory particularly suited to the production of high-quality wines. Open, uncontaminated scenarios, with limestone peaks that emerge on a plateau with a very high average altitude, make this corner of the Mediterranean a perfect place for optimal vine growth.

Thermal excursions, winds, the composition of the soil, and the symbiosis achieved with the vines we have selected lead to ideal starting conditions, far removed from many stereotypes related to Sicilian wines. Here, elegance is the master, the flavor is omnipresent, and the maximum smoothness of the wines guides every smallest decision, from the painstaking care of the vineyards to processes that always tend to emphasize the freshness and expressiveness of the fruity components.


The territory of the Alto Belice Corleonese plateau develops behind the mountains of Palermo and has altitudes ranging from 300 to 950 meters above sea level (from 1000 to over 3000 feet). The plateau was born from a silico-carbonate depression, as evidenced by the numerous white mountains of calcium carbonate that surround it. In the various geological eras, the evolution and erosion processes by wind, air, and water have led to the formation of soils characterized by great pedological variability. The soils are predominantly clayey, of variable chemical composition, but there is no lack of areas where sandstone and red sands prevail. All our vineyards are located in the Alto Belice Corleonese area, except Fontanafredda.

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